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Assessment Dashboards

Two types of dashboards: 

  1. Exploratory: User directed dashboards where users search for or discover content. Used for tracking, accreditation, program review, strategic planning or annual reporting.
  2. Explanatory: Researcher directed dashboards that communicate one idea or topic at a time. Used for storytelling, professional development or understanding. 

National Survey of Student Engagement

Sense of Belonging (Explanatory)

NSSE Benchmarking with Peer Groups (Exploratory)

NSSE Academic Profile Report (Exploratory)

These reports are packaged in one visual analytic for academic programs and can be filtered by college, department, and FY/Senior student. 

Top Seven (Explanatory)

NSSE General Education Mapping (Exploratory)

ISU Satisfaction & Challenge (Explanatory)

  • Student evaluation of overall ISU experience
  • Propensity of ISU students to select ISU again
  • Likelihood of ISU first-year students returning to ISU
  • Extent to which ISU classes challenge students to do their best work

Student Experiences with Writing (Explanatory)

  • How many pages and papers students report writing
  • How much students report ISU impacts student writing skills

Student Experiences with Reading (Explanatory)

  • How much reading students report for class

Student Perspectives on Teaching (Explanatory)

  • Amount and quality of feedback students report 
  • How much instructors communicate course goals and expectations

Student Experiences with Diversity (Explanatory)

  • Frequency of discussions with people of a different race or ethnicity
  • Frequency of discussions with people of a different political orientation
  • Frequency of discussions with people of a different sexual orientation
  • How much students report ISU includes diverse perspectives in assignments
  • ISU emphasis on encouraging students to understand people from other backgrounds

ISU Support for Student Success (Explanatory)

  • ISU support for overall well-being
  • ISU support for social involvement
  • ISU support for academic success

What Students Say Should be Changed and Not Changed at ISU (Explanatory Qualitative Analysis)

Most Significant Experience at ISU (Explanatory Qualitative Analysis)

Academic Planning: PRAAP and Program Review

*Process for the Review of Academic Assessment Plans

General Education

Access Power BI

Accessing Power BI

Power BI is a self-service reporting tool that is included with the ISU Microsoft 365 license. This tool may be used to produce visual dashboards and reports from your data.

  1. Go to and login with your ISU email address and password.
  2. Click the All Apps icon Office365 all apps icons sign to see all available applications.
  3. Scroll through the list until you locate Power BI and double-click the icon to open the app.

Learn more about Power BI