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About University Assessment Services

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  • Vision

    A campus culture that uses evidence to help students succeed

  • Mission Statement

    University Assessment Services promotes a culture of continuous improvement by collaborating with campus partners to advance student success, encourage program improvement, and provide professional support and services.

  • Values

    • Collaboration
    • Integrity
    • Support
    • Curiosity
    • Innovation

Unit Goals

  • Goal 1. Facilitate Institutional Assessment Efforts

    • Coordinate general education outcomes assessment
    • Expand alumni outcomes research
    • Provide evidence for institutional accreditation (HLC) effort
    • Enhance academic quality through program review
    • Enhance student engagement and success through research and evaluation
  • Goal 2. Build Institutional Assessment Capacity

    • Engage faculty and staff in meaningful professional development activities
    • Provide programmatic assessment opportunities for units
    • Consult individuals and programs in assessment & research best practices
  • Goal 3. Build Collaborative Partnerships

    • Regularly engage with ISU information planning & analysis units and governance entities
    • Leverage varied and multi-disciplinary faculty and staff expertise in UAS research projects
    • Create and environment that enables decision-makers and users of assessment results
  • Goal 4. Enhance UAS Staff Development

    • Incorporate emerging technologies and assessment techniques
    • Conduct specialized and empirical studies
    • Engage in a community of assessment scholars and reflective practitioners