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Assessment Advisory Council

The purpose of the Assessment Advisory Council is to review processes related to student learning outcomes and recommend changes to these processes to advance the quality of student learning at Illinois State University. The Council also provides feedback, input, and recommendations to University Assessment Services in regard to university-wide assessment-related matters.

During the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years, the council updated its committee document from the Membership and Charge that was approved in 2003 (see below for history of the committee).

History of the Committee

2023-2024 Membership (and the Unit Representing)

  • Derek Meyers, Assistant Director, University Assessment Services (Chairperson)
  • Jill Benson, Associate Dean, Dean of Students Office (Division of Student Affairs)
  • Josh Brown, Professor, Department of Technology (Ad hoc member)
  • Traci Carte, Director, School of Information Technology (Chairpersons/Directors Council)
  • Tamra Connor, Associate Dean, College of Business (College of Business)
  • Stacey Jones-Bock, Associate Dean, College of Education (College of Education)
  • Chad Kahl, Professor, Milner Library (Ad hoc member)
  • Cara Rabe-Hemp, Associate Dean, College of Applied Science and Technology (College of Applied Science and Technology)
  • Rocίo Rivadeneyra, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Amy Roser, Coordinator, University College (University College)
  • Sara Semonis, Associate Dean, Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts (Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts)
  • Laurie Sexton, Coordinator, Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center (Ad hoc member)
  • Jennifer Sharkey, Associate Professor, Milner Library (Milner Library)
  • Ryan Smith, Director, University Assessment Services (Ex officio member)
  • Erin Thomas, Assessment and Data Analytics Manager, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (Ex officio member)
  • Rachel Waring-Sparks, Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement (Center for Civic Engagement)
  • Susie Watkins, Interim Associate Dean, Mennonite College of Nursing (Mennonite College of Nursing)